Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

As per the Indian Standard IS : 2974 Part I–1982, the following design criteria for the foundation of reciprocating machines should be satisfied. 1. The machine foundation should be isolated at all levels from the adjoining foundation ...

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

★ABOUT THE BOOK: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering (Geo technical Engineering) is a fast developing branch of Civil Engineering and its study is essential for the successful execution and maintenance of several civil engineering works. The subject of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering forms a part of the curriculum for the students of Civil Engineering. A good text book for the subject is therefore necessary to facilitate proper comprehension of the subject by the students. There are several books available on the subject Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, but the author feels that each of the available books is lacking in one respect or the other. As such none of the available books on the subject is complete in all respects. The author has therefore made an earnest attempt to bring out a book on the subject which may be reckoned as a complete text book in all respects. The text of the book has been divided in two Parts. The Part I deals with the Fundamental Principles of Soil Mechanics. The Part II deals with the Earth Retaining Structures and Foundation Engineering. The subject matter has been presented in a simple unambiguous language which is easy to comprehend. The book covers the syllabus of this subject prescribed by the most of the Indian Universities for the undergraduate courses. ★OUTSTANDING FEATURES : The text has been divided into 2 parts:- (i) Fundamental principles of soil mechanics (ii) Earth retaining Structures & Foundation Engg. The text has been supported by-: (i) Illustrative Examples. (ii) Multiple Choice Ques. (Provided in Appendix) (iii) Competitive Examination Ques. Fo -Eng. Services, Indian Civil Service & those preparing for AMIE examinations ★RECOMMENDATIONS: Degree, Diploma and A.I.M.E. (India) Students and Practicing Civil Engineers ★ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. P.N. Modi B.E., M.E., Ph.D Former Professor of Civil Engineering, M.R. Engineering College, (Now M.N.I.T), Jaipur. Formerly Principal, Kautilya Institute of Technology and Engineering, Jaipur ★BOOK DETAILS: ISBN: 978-81-89401-30-6 Pages: 10041+ 18 Edition: 5th,Year-2019 Size: L-24 B- 18.3 H- 4.1 ★PUBLISHED BY: STANDARD BOOK HOUSE Since 1960 Unit of Rajsons Publications Pvt Ltd Regd Office: 4262/3A Ground Floor Ansari Road Daryaganj New Delhi-110002 +91 011 43551185/43551085/43751128/23250212 Retail Office : 1705-A Nai Sarak Delhi-110006 011 23265506 Website: A venture of Rajsons Group of Companies

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